Are you not sure what domain name to choose? Are you confused by if you should choose a ".com" or a "" domain name.  Ian Burnett of It'seeze Warwick & Redditch is often asked these questions. Here's his advice. 

Your website domain name is important  Choosing the correct name and domain type is critical. 

In very simple terms a domain name is the internet address for a website (  
Choosing a domain name is an important task, especially if you are a new start-up business; The wrong choice could affect your chances of success and conversely, the right choice can get your new business of to a much better start. 
Your domain name will represent your business online and potentially be integrated into your branding. Although less important than it once was, it can also affect on your perfromance on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) with search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. 

Do I have to have my business name in the domain name? 

There was a time when it was very important to have keywords related to your business in the domain name. For example, as I am working with customers in warwickshire and I am a website designer then using this approach I could for example have considered This has the keywords "warwickshire", "website", and "design" in the domain. Domain names like these are referred to as "Keyword Rich Domains". In the days when all search engines, especially Google, placed a higher priority on domain names, keyword rich domains were important with search results. 
These days it is far less important to have a keyword rich domain as Google in particular places far less imporatnce of the domain name is it's search alogorithms, and hence the results on of pages presented on search. Google now strongly favours other factors such as website content, site structure, and freshness of content, rather than a keyword rich domain. 

Keyword rich domains may not be as important as they used to be, but you still need to think carefully when choosing your website domain name. 

When you are choosing a domain name consider these factors: 
Make the domain memorable 
Try not to have too many characters. A very long domain name can be confusing and can be miss-spelled. That does not mean that you can't use them, but be careful! One of my customers has a rather long domain , but it works well as its easy to remember and guess what, they rent villas in Bodrum, Turkey! 
If your preferred domain is not available then be a little creative. If for example, I am starting up as a website designer in Bromsgrove, my first choice of domian may be "". If it's not available, then have a look and see if "" is available or maybe "www.bromsgrove-webdesign"  
Choose your "Top Level Domain" (TLD) carefully. A TLD is a ".com" or "" extension to the domain. I cover these choices later in this blog. 

Choosing the right Top Level Domain for your business.   You may not have a choice as one or other of your preferred domain's may not be available, so you will probably use the domain which is available. My experience is that the ".com" goes before the "", but not every time!   Be careful with choosing other top level domains. For example, going back to the example of the website design company setting up in Bromsgrove I would not recommend using or or These are not domains I would recommend for a business and these may be considered as spam and untrustworth by your intended customer base.   I tend to stick with ".com" and "" and in some cases ".org" 

Reasons to choose "" 

Your business is targeting a UK customer base 
a ".com" domain is an international domain and your customers may feel more at ease dealing with a uk based company rather than a ".com" which may portray your company as a global - but not local player. 

Business who should use a "" domain 

Tradespeople - plumbers, electricians who may serve local atreas such as towns like Redditch, Stratford-upon-Avon, or Solihull 
Estate Agents selling in the UK based in a town like Bromsgrove 
Online magazine selling cars in UK 
German car manufactuer selling its cars in the UK 

Reasons to choose ".com" 

Your business is targeting an international customer base.  
"" can turn people away. People who are in other countries may not want to deal with what they see as a UK based domestic company. 

Who should use a ".com" domain 

Manufacturing companies with an international customer base 
A company based in the UK selling or renting property overseas.  
English Premier league football team with an international fan base  
Electronics manufacturer European website 
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